Useful Things to Know

Tipps for traveling in Italy, and things to beware of.


Some cultural quirks about Italy that you definitely need to check out.


Here, I show you detailed guides, tipps, and suggestions for the best Italian sites.


You can find all my favorite Italian recipes here.

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About Me

You love Italy? Me too! But unfortunately you don't live in this magical country. I do and I Lara Greenwant to show you every aspect of it: Great destinations that you can visit, delicious food that you can eat, and how to enjoy the Italian culture to its fullest. I know firsthand that especially the latter is the most difficult one. Often friends did some weird gesture in front of me, which I was totally confused about, or the time when I dared to suggest a cappuccino after lunch instead of coffee… I want to save you these embarrassments that a non-Italian will hardly understand.

I was frequently going to Italy because of my Italian boyfriend. Now, that my study is finished, I moved here. I struggled very hard in the beginning. The Italian culture is so different! Family is so important and the rituals of meals and food confused me a lot. Often, I just accepted things as a given and didn’t question them because I was afraid to offend somebody. Now, I also try to show them my own culture, but again it’s hard.